Spout Run Stables offers varying levels of care depending on your and your horse’s needs.

FULL BOARD includes the use of a stall, tack room, laundry machine, storage closet, riding arena, and wash stall. Horse care will include daily group turn-out, grain twice a day, hay, daily stall cleaning, bedding, and blanketing as appropriate.  SRS will feed additional supplements and/or medicine purchased by Boarder as requested. Boarder will have a choice of several grain feeds including Triple Crown and/or Legend brands. Basic supplies including fly spray, saddle soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent will be provided.

HUNT BOARD is designed for the made horse and busy owner.  It offers everything included in Full Board as well as exercise for the horse 3 days per week.

TRAINING BOARD offers everything included in Full Board as well as 5 to 6 training rides per week.

FIELD BOARD is group turnout with access to a run-in shed. Daily horse care for field board horses includes feed, hay, and blanketing as appropriate.

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